I’d Be Happy to Do this Job From Right Here

From Worldwide Freelance:

Indeed it is possible for freelance writers to work from anywhere.

via Freelance Writing – A Career From Anywhere – Worldwide Freelance Writer.

It’s a goal.  It’s a dream.  And it’s slowly happening.  Articles like this inspire me to believe that I can indeed make this a full time career.

Unfortunately, the balance in my PayPal account make me realize I can’t do it yet.  But I made it a goal in 2011 to write more, and I have.  And I’ve managed to turn that into a part-time, actually getting paid, business.  It’s happening.  It’s growing.  I’ll get there.

Still, there are things I need to work on.

1) I need to revamp this site with a new bio which unfortunately includes a new picture.

2) I need to rework my writing portfolio.  That way when I’m going for a new assignment I don’t have to search through hard drives and thumb drives and web sites to find the requisite samples.

3) I need to market my skills and my work.  That probably involves less time playing Words with Friends and checking out Pinterest.

4) I need to fine tune the type(s) of writing I want to do.  Right now I’m all over the map.  Sure I’d love to write that great American novel, and some day I will, but currently I need to continue to find the markets that pay.  Speaking of which, I need to raise my rates.

I have this dream of writing from the beach house.  Currently I lack the beach house.  So, write now this little desk in Richmond works just fine.

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