The Ad I’d Write for Mitt Romney

Leading up to the New Hampshire primary, which he won handily, Mitt Romney faced a barage of criticism for saying “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.”

Funny thing, most of the criticism came from the supposed right. You know the people who say they want to shrink the size of government. Supposedly. Ironically, the same people have been critical of Romney because he was successful in the private sector.

These people would have you believe that they’re Republicans.

Here’s the response I’d write for Governor Romney:

Interior corporate board room with dim lighting. Governor Romney sits alone at the center of the table as the camera zooms in.

Governor Romney: I’m Mitt Romney, and I’m running for President because I believe in America. I believe in the American dream.

I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of that dream and I’ve had great success in the private as well as the public sector. The current Adminsitration in Washington and indeed, some in my own party just don’t like that.

So, I’ve been criticised for saying that if someone isn’t doing their job, especially when I’m paying them, then I want the ability to find someone else to do the same job.

You know, just as you’d hire a different plumber because the first one didn’t fix the leak. Or you’d find a new auto mechanic because your car still won’t run. Or you’d find a new hairdresser because you didn’t like what you saw in the mirror.

Washington isn’t doing the job we hired them to do. And I want to change that.

And with your support, come this November, I’ll be the President-elect who looks across this table and says, “Barack Obama, You’re Fired!”

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