After New Hampshire: The way things are…

Sooner or later Republicans will accept the fact that Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee. A lot of people are saying it’s like giving Bob Dole and John McCain “their” turns. But I don’t really think so.

The GOP primary started with what seemed to be a cast of thousands. Early on Mitch Daniels and Haley Barbour said no. Then Tim Pawlenty dropped out. Any one of the remaining candidates could have made their case as to why they should be the nominee.

None of them ever really did. Even with Ron Paul surging into second and third place finishes and a flurry of excitement for Rick “Don’t Google Me” Santorum, Romney has the organization, the cash and a quite frankly the stature to be the party nominee.

Was he my first choice going into the primary? No. I’m not really sure I ever had a first choice, but those I would’ve considered (see Daniels, Pawlenty) didn’t make it to Iowa.

Here in Virginia, half the candidates didn’t even try to get on the ballot. And only two could actually get their campaign organized enough to get the required number of signatures.

Now supposed 10th Amendment candidates are using the courts and joining with the ALCU to force their way on to the Virginia primary ballot. Here’s a clue fellas. Even if you get there, you still can’t have my vote.

The same crew is attacking Mitt Romney for having a successful private sector career. Seriously? This from the Republicans.

Sure, Mitt said he likes to be able to fire those who aren’t doing their job.

No wonder Washington is scared of him. Who needs the Donald when Mitt Romney can look at Barack Obama and say “You’re Fired!”

Expect the campaign to be about Romney’s wealth. His religion. His changing course on some key issues.

But come November, given the choice between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama?

Is there really any question?

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