Oh Patron Saints of HGTV, Why Must You Vex Me So?

I bought the “one coat” brand of paint. Honest I did. So I decided to skip the primer. Silly me.

On the second coat tonight, I ran out of paint. So it’s back to Lowes tomorrow for another gallon. Not too worry though, because it’s going to take a third coat.

Somewhere in our past we decided dark colors were good decorating choices. We love the jewel tones of gold, emerald green, sapphire blue and a deep, deep red. They’re great. But they’re also dark.

So, in the 15 years we’ve been in the house, we’ve painted over dark blue and green left by the previous owners. Then I got creative with the boys room and one with red, white and blue…the red was the woodwork. Not too worry because when he hit high school we painted over it with black and gray…and silver woodwork. For the younger boy I chose instead to paint mural on his wall. So I did a castle and a clock tower in primary colors.

The black and gray is still there even though that son is off at Asbury University where he’s studying film. But as the younger child hit middle school this year it was time to cover over the castle. We went with a muted green since he wanted a forest feel. I declined the opportunity to paint trees. But that took two coats of primer, then the green which covered nicely.

As my wife is returning to work this Friday (insert cartwheel here), we decided it was time to move the home office back downstairs to the old dining room that had been underused as a den. We have an eat in kitchen and really have no need for a formal dining room. Not yet anyway. But alas, one of the first paint jobs on this house was to paint the living and dining rooms a nice gold color. We’ve loved it over the years. And the living room is still that color.

No problem, I thought. With the one coat paint from Valspar, and since we were staying in the same color family (going to a light yellow), I thought one coat, no primer, would do it.

I was wrong. So, like I said, we need more paint.

And, I need another day off, which unfortunately, I don’t have.

I know what I’m doing tomorrow night.

But tonight I lit a candle in hopes that HGTV would come and rescue me. Vern Yip, hear my prayer.

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