Captain America: Summer Feel Good Movie

God Bless America.

That’s what you feel when walking out of the theater after seeing Captain America. Sure, it’s a comic book story. But it’s a good one.

One in which patriotism and American victory are good things.

Yes, I realize that some of the reviews haven’t been so favorable. But I don’t go to movies for the reviews. I go to be entertained. That I was.

While it may not be an instant classic in cinematography history, it’s a fun couple of hours. And sure it’s a simple plot formula – unlikely hero saves the day. But aren’t we all unlikely hero wannabes in some sense?

I saw the movie with my two sons. And on the way home the older was explaining the back story to the younger.

A great movie indeed.

And by the way, in its third week of release in the states, Captain America has grossed $143,203,967 .

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