Not Your Cup of Tea (Party)?

Adapted from a friend today on Facebook:

Democrats spent 2009 screaming Tea Partiers were “racist.” Democrat poll numbers dropped. Democrats spent 2010 screaming Tea Partiers were “presidential assassins.” Democrat poll numbers dropped even lower. Democrats spending 2011 screaming Tea Partiers are “terrorists.” Where do I donate to keep this up?

The Tea Party did not cause the debt crisis or the S&P downgrade. Don’t be fooled into believing they did.

A broken system in Washington caused that. And that’s what the Tea Party wants to fix.

I don’t agree with everything the Tea Party has done. And I don’t support every Tea Party endorsed candidate.

But they are not the enemy.

Washington is broken. The Tea Party knows that. And they know it’s time for some real change.

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Senator Paul Statement on Misplaced Blame for U.S. Downgrade: “Blaming the Tea Party for America’s debt crisis and downgrade is like blaming the fireman for fires.”
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Scarborough Tells ‘Terminally Stupid Ideologues’ to ‘Stop Using the Tea Party as a Piñata’
On Monday’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough told “terminally stupid ideologues” that “really don’t understand” anything because they’re “so dogmatic [they] can’t think for [themselves]” to “stop using the Tea Party as a piñata.”
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29% Say Tea Party Members Are Terrorists, 55% Disagree
Rasmussen Reports
Perhaps tellingly, while 53% of Democrats view Tea Party members as terrorists, 57% of voters not affiliated with either major party disagree, as do 74% of Republicans.
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Shocker: Axelrod Blames the Tea Party
John Ransom,
One week after Democrats drove us to the brink of default because they wouldn’t cut the U.S. budget deficit, White House officials tried to blame everyone from ratings agencies to the Tea Party for the economic woes they created.
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