Friday Roundup

“Plan for America’s Job Creators”
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
At a time when most Americans personally know someone who has lost their job, Eric understands government needs to get out of the way of small businesses and entrepreneurs and allow them to innovate so the economy can grow and create jobs.
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Editorial: Will ‘Obamalaise’ Create Another Downturn?
Like the Carter years, the Obama years so far are marked by anti-business policies and anemic business activity. This week’s raft of gloomy economic reports confirm the zombie Obama recovery has hit another dangerous soft patch.
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Barney Frank’s Friends with Benefits
Michelle Malkin
If you want to watch a corruptocrat start sputtering like Porky Pig with allergies, confront him with three simple words: conflict of interest.
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Time for GOP To Implement Full-Frontal Budget Assault
David Limbaugh
My advice for the GOP: No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more putting the pretense of civility above the best interests of the nation. Democrats are playing cynical games with our national debt crisis, and it’s time they were called out on them — directly, volubly and repeatedly. Senate Democrats haven’t passed their own budget plan in more than two years, despite having strong control of that body. Meanwhile, the nation is teetering on bankruptcy.
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George Will wonders why liberals aren’t ‘clamoring’ for Obama’s impeachment
Jeff Poor, The Daily Caller
It’s been 66 days since President Barack Obama authorized military action against Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. However, last Friday marked an important date, signaling Congress most authorize the military action or U.S. forces will be required to withdraw in accordance with the War Powers Resolution.
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Rep. Graves questions Obama’s autopen signing of Patriot Act extension
The Hill
“Mr. President, I write to request your confirmation that S. 990, as passed by Congress, was presented to you prior to the autopen signing, as well as a detailed, written explanation of your Constitutional authority to assign a surrogate the responsibility of signing bills passed into law,” Graves wrote.
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Now that he’s running, Kaine can’t run from Soering decision
Apparently Kaine’s compassion for taxpayers even extended beyond America’s borders. The AP reminds us that “Kaine secretly agreed to a plan that would have kept Soering behind bars for two years” in Germany.
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Julia Ward Howe was born on this day in 1819 (d. 1910)

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