Why I Spend So Much Time on Facebook

And Twitter, and LinkedIn and…

How Facebook Led to a Magazine Cover
Do you ever wonder if the time that you spend on social networking is worth the effort?
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In the case of The Savvy Book Marketer, online relationships led to a magazine cover story.

So, when my next book (here’s the first one) is announced, and it’s coming, the hope is that people will see the tweet or the status or the blog post and take notice.

So forgive me if I don’t care about your Farmville crops, or if I refuse to be bullied into reposting your post about bullying. And, for heaven’s sake, what’s up with adults “poking” each other? Didn’t you read Lonesome Dove, for cryin’ out loud?

Social Media is great for keeping up connections. By that I mean business and personal, sometimes even family.

And, maybe one day, those connections will be reading my book.

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