Sunday Evening Roundup

I pay attention, so that you don’t have to.

24 deaths in Joplin (Missouri), say Greene County officials
Ryan Nicholls with the Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management has confirmed there are 24 fatalities in the wake of a tornado touching down in Joplin. The number of injuries is unknown.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s Remarks to AIPAC
Bearing Drift
“Israel deserves America’s friendship in reality – not just in rhetoric. Words and promises come and go.”

An agonizing wait in La. for creeping floodwaters
AP via Yahoo!
BUTTE LAROSE, La. – Louisiana residents in the path of diverted floodwaters from the bloated Mississippi River kept up an agonizing vigil as hundreds of homes outside levees are threatened by the slow-moving surge that has swamped houses as high as the rooftops in Mississippi.

Responsible incentives help create jobs
Lt. Governor Bill Bolling in the Richmond Times-Dispatch
Over the past 16 months we have closed 442 economic development deals in Virginia, and the commonwealth has added 55,400 net new jobs since the beginning of the administration. This is the eighth highest number of net new jobs created in the nation.

Netanyahu’s rules of debate
Hugh Hewitt in The Washington Examiner
Friday’s showdown between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wasn’t close, and it wasn’t pretty — though Netanyahu didn’t want to leave any obvious marks. The end result was that our president is suddenly aware that Chicago rules don’t work on tough-minded leaders of countries surrounded by terrorists.

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