Crystal Clear Conservative Asks…Who’s Next?

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Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump announced over the weekend that they were not running for the White House.  The question is who’s next?

Crystal Clear Conservative hopes it’s Newt, and has a video of a voter telling him to do just that.  Charles Krauthammer thinks it’s over for Newt.

Me?  I’m thinking Rick Santorum.  Especially after he had this to say about John McCain today…”doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works.” [H/T Hugh Hewitt]

Excuse? Me?

Look, you can quibble all you want about the difference between torture and enhanced interrogation.  But to say John McCain “doesn’t understand?”

I think Rick Santorum is the one who doesn’t understand he has no business in this race.

So let’s review:

Huckabee: Out

Trump: Out

Gingrich: All but out, even if he doesn’ t know it.

Santorum:  Much the same.

Now if Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul would kindly pick up the white courtesy phone, we could get on with some serious discussion about the next GOP candidate.



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