Is It Worth A Billion $ to Re-Elect Obama?

Obama supporters are looking for a billion and some change.

The campaign, which is expected to raise as much as $1 billion overall, is starting its own fundraising at an aggressive clip, pairing large low-dollar events in each city with exclusive gatherings that will cost as much as $35,800 a person — with $5,000 going to the reelection campaign and the rest to the Democratic

National Committee.
L.A. Times

Way to represent the downtrodden masses Barry!

Look, I'm under no illusions that if the Republicans can ever find a non-laugh-evoking candidate that they won't try to raise, or outraise the Democrats.

It's all a little sickening actually.

But, if you really try to use the phrase “rich Republicans” in a conversation? You deserve to be mocked.

Early and often.

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