Apr 24 2015

Sometimes, I amuse myself



A person who knows how to laugh at himself will never ceased to be amused.

American actress, singer and dancer Shirley MacLaine was born on this day in 1934, right here in Richmond, Virginia. Her brother, Warren Beatty, was also born here.

It’s a beautiful, but chilly, spring Friday. I’m teleworking today. That’s good because the interruptions are less likely. I struggle because the Keurig is further away from my desk. Then again, the bathroom is closer.

I’ve a full weekend ahead, as I suspect you do as well.

Mine is full of yard work, and writing, as well as theatre, both on the production side as well as preparing for my next round of auditions.

Oh, yes, they’re coming.

Theatres around town are announcing their new seasons. I went to one announcement on Wednesday and am heading to another on Tuesday.

I’m also in the process of preparing to announce the next season for CAT Theatre. That involves graphics, and press releases, and brochures and more.

No, I’m sorry I can’t tell you what the season is. Not even if you pay me.

But, hypothetically, how much would you offer?

See how funny I am?

No, seriously. How much? I’ve got big expenses coming up this summer.

I digress.

Hopefully I’ll find some time this weekend to focus and prioritize, because right now I’m all over the map.

I’m sitting here with four electronic devices going and just found myself staring intently at the raven up in the dead tree branch that refuses to fall.

Rather than take you off on another tangent, I’m going to post this and get back to work.

Right after I watch this tribute to Shirley.



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Apr 23 2015

Try Again

Image: David Mao via Unsplash

Image: David Mao via Unsplash

On this day in 1985 Coca-Cola changed its formula and released New Coke. Less than three months later they changed it back.

Don’t you wish we could do the same with politicians?

I digress.

By that point I’m pretty sure I had switched to Diet Coke. Had I known what I do now, I likely would have switched to no soda then instead of 30 years later.

A friend asked me if I had tried New Coke. I had not.

She described it as a “glass of poop with sugar stirred in.”

True story.

There were conspiracy theories that the whole New Coke plan was just a marketing ploy. Donald Keough, Coke’s president and chief operating officer said, “We’re not that dumb, and we’re not that smart.”

Speaking of changing things out, the YMCA just changed out the scales in the men’s room. I think they had a previous life as an unsuccessful politician because they’re lying to me, but they’re not telling me what I want to hear.

I digress.

I fear that the new scales are dangerously more acccurate than the former set.

If you recall, I generally give myself a pass when I’m in a show with rehearsals lasting until 10:00 p.m. or sometimes later.

So, when I went back I was pleasantly surprised to note that I had dropped a significant amount of pounds since January. I thought it a bit odd because I didn’t feel like I’d lost that much. But they were electronic scales, they had to be accurate, right?

Not so much. The very next day I was 25 lbs. heavier.

Those scales disappeared last week.

Lots of times we try things and don’t get the answer or result we desired.

Coke tried a new formula. It backfired. They recovered.

I tried new scales. I’ll recover…

The important thing is not to stop. Coke didn’t stop manufacturing sodas because of one failed product.

I can’t stop going to the YMCA because of one miserable, nasty, lying, low-down, varmint breath, set of scales.

Sorry, I got carried away.

I’ll be back to the gym and I’ll make those new scales like me. I’ll start by not having a Coke.

In other news, American model and actress Sandra Dee was born on this day in 1942. She died in 2005. The video below is not of Sandra Dee, but is, in some ways, a tribute.

Grease was one of the first musicals I saw on Broadway. Way back in…gulp 1977.


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