FINALLY FRIDAY – What Three Words?

Sunrise over Tuweep

Sunrise over Tuweep

Come here to me you fabulous Friday and lie to me about how much we’re going to get done this weekend.

I have a list. A long list. You probably do as well.

Earlier this week I attempted to make a complete list of everything – and I do mean everything – that I need, okay in some cases want, to be doing.

So far, I’ve only managed to mark one item off the list: completing the list.

Although the truth is, if I went back right now, I’d find more things to add.

We’re nearing the end of the third quarter of the year. Fast away and all that.

I am officially in Spooky/Turkey/Santa season. Between now and January 1st, it’s a bit of a marathon.

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And I don’t run.

Still, it’s a good time to look back on My Three Words for 2023 to see how I’m doing. It’s always good to review.

My three words for 2023 were/are: Pray, Prepare, Play.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m doing okay with all three.

Not necessarily great, mind you. I don’t think I’ll ever feel that I’m accomplished, or good enough, in prayer. Then again, that’s not what prayer is all about. Twice this year our church has done 21 Days of Prayer. I’ve managed to make most of both, although my August participation was cut short by the road trip. I’ve also tried to be more consistent in a morning prayer time.

I’m not good at it. I think God knows that. I think he just wants me to spend some time with him. I’m trying. And I’ll keep doing so.

I’ve done a lot of preparing this year. For one thing, the Old Man Bucket List Road Trip (OMBLRT ™) took a lot of preparation and planning. And yes, there are stories to be told.

The telling thereof is one of the items on the list. I thought about putting the trip on the list so I could mark off another item. I’m just not ready to say the trip is over. I’m still reliving the memories.

I’m also preparing for retirement. It’s not coming soon, at least not soon enough. But there are plans to be made.

I have a date in mind. That may or may not change.

Buying all my books and getting all your friends and family (and their friends and family) to do the same would help with that date.

Available at Amazon.

No, I’m not announcing the retirement date yet. When you need to know, you will.

Finally, let’s be clear, I’ve had a pretty good handle on the whole play thing this year.

We spent a great week at the beach in April. As soon as I got back I was into rehearsals for Sound of the Guns, one of the most significant pieces of theater I’ve been privileged to be a part of.

Of course, August was all about the Old Man Bucket List Road Trip (OMBLRT ™). We did it. We had a grand time. You can still view the photos on Instagram and Facebook. Like I said above, I’m working on telling the story. That takes time and preparation as well.

Also, as noted, we’re heading straight into Spooky season. Halloween Haunt opens next Friday night at Kings Dominion. I’m back this year as a scare actor. No, I won’t tell you where, but if you come, you may see me. If I don’t see you first.

As soon as Haunt ends we’re in rehearsals for Winterfest. We’ll take a slight break in between to watch the parade and stuff ourselves with Turkey.

That takes us through to the end of the year.

We’ll be extending our family Christmas season until the first of February when our youngest returns from his semester in Japan. After that, I’m thinking it would only be nine months before I’d have to put the decorations up again.

I’ll let you know what I can get away with.

In the meantime, there’s a list, there’s a weekend. There’s work to do.

Mow ’em if you’ve got ’em.




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