We Can’t Stay Too Long at the Fair

We are on day 191 of 15 days to slow the spread.

In a non-pandemic world, today would have been the opening of the Virginia State Fair.

I know that because it’s raining.

There’s no fair this year. Just another one of 2020’s disappointments.

But, if you’re having cholesterol withdrawals, you can go next weekend for State Fair Food Weekend. So, there’s that.

Go support the businesses. It’s been a hard year for everyone.

I haven’t been to the Virginia State Fair in years. Truth is, I’ve never made it to their new location.

There’s just something about that exit in Doswell that always has our family turning into the Kings Dominion employee parking lot.

I’m not doing that this weekend either. Typically, I’d be gearing up to work Halloween Haunt either as a monster or a merchandise supervisor…not that there’s really that much difference.

But Kings Dominion is closed for the year which means no Haunt or Winterfest.

And so, like we’ve all learned, or tried to learn, I’ll be doing things a bit differently this year.

Next month I’ll be joining the other Haunters at Blood Lake Haunted Trail in Midlothian. Click the link for the schedule and details.

After the scary season is over, I’ll be donning (Donner-ing?) the red suit and going online with Jingle Ring. Here’s a preview.

In my free time I’ll be writing and helping Chamberlayne Actors Theatre find a new home.

Somewhere in there I’ll find time for writing projects, for yard work, and oh yeah…the day job.

Don’t judge me for being too busy. My blood pressure demands that I stay busy enough to keep off of Twitter.

Speaking of health, I had my annual wellness visit yesterday. We’re waiting on blood results, but all was pretty good.

In other words, he didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.

Watch the diet. Get more exercise. Get the flu shot.

You know the drill.

All of those things that are so easy to do when you have a busy schedule.

I’ll work on it.

Maybe right after I get me a turkey leg and some fried Oreos.

Photo by Sebastian Davenport-Handley on Unsplash

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