It was a dark and stormy week…

From the National Hurricane Center as of 4:57 a.m. EDT

You should never, never doubt something that no one is sure of.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

British novelist, poet, and screenwriter, Roald Dahl, was born on this day in 1916 (died 1990).

What will Florence bring?

At the time I’m writing this, we just don’t know. We just know it’s not going to be pretty. And yet, it looks as if Virginia may avoid the worst of it.

It looks like we’ll just be getting more rain. Because we haven’t had enough of that this summer. We may not have the hurricane force winds.

But, as of this morning (yes, I’m actually updating this real time because I forgot to schedule the post), it looks like it’s just rain and some not-so-bad winds.


We had them for Isabel and for other storms. They are very much not fun.

I hate hurricanes. But, I’d hate living inland and further north even more. So, we suffer through the rare event.

Isabel was 10 days without power. I think it was Fran that had us showering at the YMCA on the way to a formal event.

I took two trips to post-Katrina New Orleans to do reconstruction work.

Do not laugh at the fact that I was on a reconstruction team. I sanded the heck out of some drywall.

But, speaking of doubts and not being sure of things, no one is really sure what the impact of Hurricane Florence will be. Well, beyond knowing that there’s likely no good outcome.

Prayers for our friends in North Carolina.

If you’re in the path, or the neighborhood of the storm, hopefully you’re prepared with emergency supplies, and or an evacuation plan. Don’t forget the animals. Please don’t forget the animals.

In a few months we’ll be freaking out about the coming snow storm. Grocery shelves will again be empty of break, milk, and toilet paper.

The forecast says there’s a strong chance of French Toast.

Or something like that.

Often, the anticipation of these storms is the worst. I kind of like the ability to say “well, that wasn’t so bad now was it?”

Hopefully by the weekend we’ll all be saying that.

Stay safe and dry.

In other news, American singer-songwriter and actor, Mel Tormé, was born on this day in 1925 (died 1999).


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