Happy New Year 2017: More or Less

What can you expect from me in 2017?

Yes, I know it’s day four, but the year is still pretty fresh.

I don’t do resolutions. A few years back I started posting an annual More or Less list. It’s been my rundown of things I want to do more of, things I want to do less of. The list has changed over the years, but the sentiment is the same.

I’m looking at this year a little differently. As much as I’d like to think I could, I can’t do it all. That’s why for 2017 my primary areas of focus will be writing and health.

None of this is to say that the areas of worship, prayer, reading, art, creating, acting and more aren’t important.

But if we take care of the important things the rest will, or should, fall in line.

What you’ll get from me here are progress (or regress) updates, along with some tips and suggestions on how I’m trying to make this work.

That’s the plan.

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