Happy National Mutt Day, Nic


Today is National Mutt Day.

No, I don’t know who decides these things.

But timing is convenient in that my older son reminded me over the weekend that Nic the Dog has not had his own post.

True, the posts for Sam and Ted were under different circumstances. Both were about saying goodbye, althoughNic2 Ted did get a Welcome Home post. And, over on my old web site, Abby the Cat got her own goodbye post.

I’m not sure why Nic never got a welcome home post. Maybe because in the first few days we just weren’t sure he was going to work out. Even though when we met him the first thing he did was climb into the chair with our younger son.

He still does that.

He’s not lap dog size.

Nic3Nic is an interesting boy. He came into our home very skittish and jumped at any sudden movement. He jumped. He didn’t bark.

He still never barks. Except in his sleep. And once or twice whilst the trash men were taking his trash.

That’s a good thing, and yet unfortunate because he also never barks to go out. When we’re all upstairs for whatever reason he doesn’t bother us when he has to go.

Let’s just say we’ve replaced that rug more than once.

But, those times are rare and generally when we hear the nails on the hardwood floor we know he needs attention of some kind.

And no, he won’t come upstairs with us. Well, he will, but just with Mommy.

Nic is lovable, energetic, and very bright. He knows that Daddy takes him out first in the morning so, no matter who else is downstairs, he waits until he hears me at the top of the stairs.

Nic is excitable, and almost always joyful. But, he gets a bit of separation anxiety when we have to kennel him. Not to go into great details, but let’s just say that Thanksgiving was pretty rough for Nic.

Not to mention the kennel.

I mean, he ate his bed.

Ate. His. Bed.

We don’t know what happened in Nic’s former life to make him so skittish or to cause him such separation anxiety and stress. We just know he’s a happy boy when he’s home and sleeping on the couch.

If the cat ever shows Nic this blog he’ll realize how long Daddy took to write it.

Happy National Mutt Day.



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