Words mean things

Every day I learn something new about writing for the Interwebz. It’s not just a matter of brilliant content. Like I said yesterday, the brilliance is not the problem.

But, you know how you have eight-bazillion friends on Facebook and it seems like only three of them ever post anything? Facebook’s algorithms funnel the content they think you should see to your page. So far, I’ve had no luck manipulating it. Getting your writing noticed on the Internet is a lot like that.

You have to use words that appease the gods of SEO (Search engine optimization) so that your writing will be picked up by search engines like Google.

Over at Social Times, Christie Barakat talks about Words That Drive Social Media Shares. There is an accompanying infographic.

Barakat says, “Powerful, persuasive words drive decision-making, so understanding how and when to use them on social media is important for your customers and your business.”

In other words, being brilliant is not enough. I have to be brilliant and attractive.

It’s the burden I must bear.

I still don’t have as solid grasp on SEO copywriting. The rules keep changing and everytime I think I have it figured out…I don’t.

But Michael Aagaard at ContentVerve.com created this handy infographic to help writers optimize their efforts.

I. Must. Study. This.


Thanks to ContentVerve.com for this graphic.





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