Crazy Ratings Like a Fox

foxnewsIn the first quarter of 2013, the top 13 (yes 13) rated news programs were on Fox News Channel.

From TVNewser:

As usual, Fox News Channel’s programming topped the competition in the first quarter of 2013. The network notched the top 13 programs among total viewers and the top six in the 25-54 demographic.

via The Top Cable News Programs in Q1 2013 Were… – TVNewser.

John Nolte notes at Breitbart:

In total viewers, the top MSNBC program came in at 14th, the top CNN program came in 19th.

Piers Morgan came in 21st.

I don’t regularly watch FOX News, and when I do, even I roll my eyes sometimes.  But to the other cable news shows out there that think they’re so much smarter than conservatives, maybe you need to stop and think why FOX is regularly eating your lunch.

And to you regular FOX viewers…where the $%@* where you on Election Day?

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