Some Lt. Governor Love for Valentine’s Day (Updated)

No, not the current Lt. Governor. I have a lot of respect for Bill Bolling’s service as a state senator and as a two-term Lt. Governor. But he lost my support when he dropped out and started taking pot shots at Ken Cuccinelli.

This love is from Lt. Governor Candidate Pete Synder whose wife today sent out this gem.

While it doesn’t tell us that he’d be a great Lt. Governor (he just might),it does an awesome job of letting us get to know him.

As Shaun said over at Bearing Drift: It brings a certain air of confidence when you see candidates toss caution to the winds and be themselves. It’s what attracts people to certain candidates and turns people away from the more hypersensitive ones who fret over every slight, every mistake.

That’s not an endorsement. Fact is, Steve Martin was my friend long before he was my senator. I knew him when he was a delegate and I supported him in the 2000 Congressional Primary against Eric Cantor. My heart, on Valentine’s Day or otherwise, is with the Martin campaign.

Which, of course, may be why Shaun got candy and I didn’t.

Still, I got the email, if not the candy. I haven’t gotten any Valentine’s love from the other candidates.

But Bishop E.W. Jackson had a classic response on Facebook.


Democrats have had the corner on the slick, and funny and clever for far too long (look at the social media stats from last year). It’s nice to see the GOP having a little fun.

UPDATE: Susan Stimpson is out with a Valentine of her own. She talks about bills that have died in the General Assembly, but there may also be a subtle dig at Pete Snyder. What do you think?


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