One month in, how am I doing?


It’s been 31 days since I listed this years’ More or Less. How am I doing so far?

Worship more: Not really sure I’ve made progress here. I do tend to play worship music, mostly hymns, when I’m walking. But even the walking has been hit and miss. This past Sunday, the younger son and I attended the second service while the Mrs. taught Sunday School. It’s a chance to get him in service and a chance to spend some time together. I hope for it to be more of a worship experience and less utilitarian.

Pray more: Certainly not without ceasing. But often. Still, there need to be quiet, focused times.

Read more: Totally failing here, and Goodreads reminds me every time I log in over there. I have three books I’m working on. But the progress is slow.

Celebrate more: Sort of. We’ve had friends over a couple of times, and February can be a party month, so, it’s coming.

Work less: Sigh…it seems just the opposite.

Play more: Weather has factored into this. But some good opportunities are coming up in Febuary and March.

Eat less: I’m about halfway here. I’ve been tracking my food, most days anyway. I’ve managed to cut way back on the between meal stuff. Except for today. We won’t talk about today.

Exercise more: I’ve been somewhat consistent, although schedules and weather and minor health things have gotten in the way. Most day I try to get to the pool before work and walk at lunch. I’m doing better. Not great.

Write more: I’m writing more. I’m not writing more novel. That has to change.

Create more: Yes and no. I’m drawing some, but I still want to paint.

Spend less: Elective spending yes. Unfortunately, it was the month we needed oil.

Give more: We’re trying. We can do better.

I have work to do. I kinda wish I hadn’t written this post.

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