The Relaxed Writer: 3 Reasons NOT to NaNoWriMo

But NaNoWriMo isnt the right writing structure for everyone. Read on for 3 reasons NaNoWriMo may NOT be right for you.

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I’m there.  Almost anyway.

I have a great story.  A great plot.  Although Sunday my characters misbehaved and went off on a tangent.  I think I finally know how to bring them back around.

But for the first time in my writing “career” I am backed up with paid writing assignments.  They have to take priority, and when that happens, NaNoWriMo is going to suffer.

I want to write this book.  Actually it’s the first in a series of many.  But it just may not happen in November.

I’m giving myself through the weekend to make a final decision.  If I haven’t reached at least 10,000 words by then, or if I haven’t gotten into the groove for writing, or if I’m just feeling too much pressure, I’m going to call it quits for the year.


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