Slow Down, I move too fast…

The New River in Giles County, Virginia

Well, you wouldn’t necessarily know that to look at me (more on that later this week), but I’m in a constant state of having to do something. It is very rare that I can just sit. Or just sit and watch television.

It seems like this is a new phenomenon, brought on by the Internet and email and smart phones where we can be in constant communication. But I remember as a child always drawing or playing with Legos or something else while watching the TV.

So, all these many years later, I find it hard to just sit. On the rare occasions these days when I watch television, it’s usually in the home office with at least one computer screen going. Even if I’m playing a game, I still just can’t sit and watch.

Sometimes it depends on the occasion or event. If I’m at the movies, watching a play or even in church, I can sit and pay attention without multitasking.

But, at home, I feel like there’s always something to be done. And I’m usually right.

All this babbling though is getting to the point of this post.

Our neighborhood pool opened Saturday. We’re gradually working up to sun exposure so we only went for a couple of hours. That was enough. Because the whole time I was there, I was checking the phone, checking email and fidgeting in my seat.

I’d come to the lazy days of summer without the ability to be lazy.

In reality, I think it’s just a need to switch gears. Back today, we stayed longer. And I left the phone in the truck.

I did at one point pull out my notebook and make some writing notes. But most of the time I just soaked up the sun. And that’s a good thing.

There are times in life when we just need to slow down. Summer is a natural time to do that.

Taking that time to head to the beach, the lake or wherever you regain your strength and energy is important.

Let the brain rest a bit. Turn off the email. Turn off the PC. Turn off the 24-hour news cycle.

My roses haven’t bloomed yet this year, so I can’t stop and smell them.

But I’m slowing down this summer.

Just as soon as I post this.

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