Recaffeinated Mondays: Simplify

You may recall from Friday’s post that I’m working toward simplifying, streaming, and reducing expenses (also me, but that’s a different post).

I spent part of the weekend looking at the blogs and websites that I have up and, sort of running in addition to this one. What I found was that, fortunately, I’m not spending as much as I thought. I also found that the one domain name I think I’m ready to give up doesn’t renew until the end of August…so I have time to make sure that’s the right decision.

In a sense, letting that one domain go would be letting go of a dream that I once had to build my own event planning company. I’ve let go of that dream. That’s not a bad thing. I’m spending my time in theater and in writing now. Those are good things.

I also started thinking about my main writing website, and the reality that I could add a tab for a blog on that site and…deep breath…decommission The Write Side of My Brain.

Don’t panic, but given the considerations of 1) not having the time to maintain multiple sites, and 2) being able to save a couple hundred dollars annually…’s time to think it out.

I won’t leave you without a trail to follow.

It’s just that 2019 is turning out to be a year of simplifying, perhaps downsizing, and just getting rid of crap.

I’m still working through this. I look around my home office, which I adore, and see all of the mementos and books and writing projects and just a general amount of stuff and realize that, once that retirement date comes, and once we downsize the living space, most of this can’t go with me.

That’s not happening soon, but I need to give serious consideration to what is really important to keep. There are boxes in the attic that haven’t been touched in a good ten years or more.

I’ve never watched Marie Kondo, and she’d probably annoy me, but yeah, there’s stuff I just don’t need.

This won’t be an overnight process. But, as I look around at the stuff, and the website, and the emails, and the Facebook pages I’ve liked…I’m asking the question “why am I keeping this?”

‘Tis a gift to be simple, ‘tis a gift to be free…

I went to college in Kentucky. Over the weekend I was a little nostalgic with the Kentucky Derby. Not for the horse race, which turned into a mess. But, for my old Kentucky home. Our campus was near the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, located near Harrodsburg. It was always a treat for students to get to go there, and a frequent favorite place for alumni to visit.

The Shakers were simple people, if there religious beliefs were a bit weird. Look them up, it will do you good.

This is one of my favorite Shaker hymns.

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I never thought I’d ask this question

I’ve been doing math lately. This will come as a surprise to just about anyone who has known me since…let’s say grade school.

True story: I took my last math class when Richard Nixon was still in the White House. And his poll numbers were good. Okay, so post-college I took some accounting classes because I thought I might be adding the business degree.

That didn’t happen and that’s not the point of this post.

You know, or should know, that I’m seriously trying to work out when I can retire. That requires maths. And the maths are currently saying “not yet.”

So, I’ve been taking a hard look at our finances and asking, and re-asking, about all the things we spend money on. Do we really need them? How much can we save if we ditch Amazon Prime, Apple Music…and…the list goes on.

Yesterday, when the bill came, it hit me that I pay roughly $20 a month to host this blog and pay for the security that, most of the time, blocks spam comments.

For the first time in the almost twenty years that I’ve been blogging, I asked myself “is it worth it?”

I’ve blogged since the late 90s or at least since 2000 on various platforms, various blog names and, for a while, under a pen name.

I also have two other inactive blogs as well as my main writer website. I’m not sure that I’m willing to give up the domain names.

But, are they serving a purpose? Heaven knows, they’re not producing an income.

This is part of the journey I’ve asked you to take with me. Don’t worry, I won’t cancel your ticket without plenty of warning.

Maybe the answer is, of course, I need to keep blogging here. Maybe I just need to do a better job of it.


I still hate math.

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