Recaffeinated Mondays: This Post Needs A Title

“What are we, that we should think to stand before him, at whose rebuke the earth trembles, and before whom the rocks are thrown down?”

On this day in 1741, Reverend Jonathan Edwards preached his famous sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” in Enfield, Connecticut. The sermon helped spark the First Great Awakening.

May I should just post the whole sermon from Edwards and host an altar call.

One of my latest art projects. Inspired by a friend’s drawings of fireworks. Figuring out the best medium. So far, markers are winning.

But I’ve always been sure I was never called to preach. So, I’ll just encourage you to go read it on your own and we’ll go from there.

It’s Monday and it’s hot outside.

If you’re my age and you grew up in the camp meeting movement you might have listened to a sermon similar to Edwards while wearing a 1970s style three-piece suit.

It was not pretty.

The nation just celebrated Independence Day with parades, fireworks, and arguments.

For the sake of the family animals, let’s hope all our neighbors finally got through the last of the illegal fireworks they purchased.

I am moving rapidly toward the retirement date. As Gandalf said.

Understand this: things are now in motion that cannot be undone.

From The Return of the Kings, the 2003 movie. I’m too lazy to see if that’s an accurate quote from the books.

Although, it’s probably time to re-read the books. I re-watched THE MOVIES over the weekend. Don’t judge. A couple of social obligations fell through for various reasons.

That, and I had no business being out in the heat. So, I put THE MOVIES on while I was working on other projects. Always a good watch.

A good part of that work on other projects was sorting out the list of what really needs to be done vs. what I want to be done, and then sorting out whether it needs to happen before I take that final bow.

Relax. I mean retirement. Not the other final bow.

I also spent too much time on social media. You know what’s going on and all I can say is “Y’all, how did we let this happen?”

That’s a bipartisan question. Pick a lane, there are crazies in all of them.

But, we move on. I think it it likely that most of America not on social media is much happier.

There’s a lesson there. Some day I may learn it.

Maybe we do need that altar call.


Biden Campaign Unveils New Slogan ‘Only Senile Some Of The Time’
The Babylon Bee
Staffers say that the motto is meant to help redirect growing distrust of the president’s failing mental capacities by reminding Americans that Biden is only senile some of the time, rather than suffering from dementia all of the time.


1831 – John Pemberton, American chemist and pharmacist, invented Coca-Cola (d. 1888)
1838 – Eli Lilly, American soldier, chemist, and businessman, founded Eli Lilly and Company (d. 1898)
1839 – John D. Rockefeller, American businessman and philanthropist, founded the Standard Oil Company (d. 1937)
1885 – Hugo Boss, German fashion designer, founded Hugo Boss (d. 1948)
1908 – Nelson Rockefeller, American businessman and politician, 41st Vice President of the United States (d. 1979)
1934 – Marty Feldman, English actor and screenwriter (d. 1982)
1935 – Steve Lawrence, American actor and singer (d. 2024)[16]
1947 – Kim Darby, American actress
1951 – Anjelica Huston, American actress and director
1958 – Kevin Bacon, American actor and musician
1961 – Toby Keith, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actor (d. 2024)


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