Summertime…well, almost…

It was a pleasant early summer/late spring weekend.

A little pool, a little theatre, a little sitting on the veranda reading scripts and drinking juleps.

And a pedicure.

Yes. A pedicure. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

But perhaps a little less  than necessary writing inspiration. Don’t get me wrong, I did several creative things. I have a “new” way of journaling/collaging that I’m really starting to like. Even if I’m not good at it. And no, I’m not showing you.

That all means that you get a few Random Monday Thoughts. Maybe more than you bargained for.

Which, if it is, might mean it’s time you asked yourself why you were bargaining over anything that I might write.

You can’t take hostages from their beds, keep them kidnapped for eight months and then complain about the hostage-rescue operation. (borrowed from Twitter/X).

And you’re not an innocent civilian when you’re holding hostages captive in your basement.

That’s all I’m going to say about that for now.

Well, that and, with a population of over 300 million, these three yahoos are the best we can do?

I have twelve (12) Mondays left to work. I’ll probably hate all of them.

My wife and I are making tentative plans for a road trip. Maybe next year. Maybe the year after. But we keep adding stops. Right now we should be back in 2028. We’ll need someone to feed the cat…once or twice.

It’s a summer of change for me, well, sort of. I’m winding down the days at the day job. Yes, I’m counting. I’m sorting out what I’ll be doing after September 1st.

Feel free to visit the tip jar and give me a few more days to think about it. Or not.

I’m looking forward to a busy time post retirement. Mainly with theater and travel.

And no, I’m not talking about it yet.

I’m going to have a pretty awesome 24-25 theater season. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Those are just the things that are certain. There are several more possibilities in the wings.

Wings. Get it?

I digress.

We’re in June. The pools are open. The grass is growing. People are heading to the beach, or to the mountains.

It could be a lazy summer.

I could be a lazy blogger.

Pass the watermelon.


Gaza journalist who wrote for Al Jazeera was holding 3 hostages in home with family, Israel says
The New York Post
A Gaza journalist who wrote for Al Jazeera was holding three hostages in his home with his family before he was killed by Israeli commandos during a rescue operation on Saturday, according to the Israeli military.

Yes, the destruction of Star Wars was intentional. Here’s why they did it.
Joel Berry
That’s why I say the destruction of our cherished myths is intentional – perhaps not within the halls of Disney, but at the cosmic scale. It’s not just happening to Star Wars, but to Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Narnia, and almost every other beloved tale from the storytellers of the Christian West.

In Response To Trump Conviction, Republicans Threaten To Fire Off ‘Strongliest Worded Letter Of All Time’
The Babylon Bee
According to political analysts, the ultimatum is a serious escalation of an already shaky political situation and comes after several Strongly Worded Letters and even a few Stronglier Worded Letters.


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