Nowhere Else to Go?

Every Friday (almost) since January 5, I’ve written about my travels. The first three months were covering the Old Man Bucket List Road Trip (™) that my best friend and I took to the Grand Canyon last summer.

Last week, I talked about the places I want to go.

But what about now?

I mean, right now. This week. Today.

In the climactic scene from An Officer and a Gentleman Louis Gossett, Jr. (Drill Sergeant Foley) is pushing Richard Gere (Zack Mayo) to his limits forcing him to do endless pushups.

Foley asks “why don’t you just quit?”

At the end of himself, Mayo screams “I got nowhere else to go!”

Last week I wrote Now Where Are We Going?

And, since I’m not traveling this week, nor next week…I feel a little like Zack Mayo.

I got nowhere else to go.

That’s not exactly true. I’m going lots of places. Just not right now.

In current events, while I no longer blog about politics, when it comes to the November ballot, at least at the top, I really do got nowhere to go.

You saw the news about yesterdays’ verdicts. Depending on which side you were already on, this either sinks him or makes him win in a landslide. Draw your own conclusion.

But, in a country as big as this, how did we get it narrowed down to these two choices?

Whatever we get in November, we’re going to deserve it. If only we could have a do over.

And that’s enough of that.

We’re here at the end of May, five months in.

How are you doing with those goals or resolutions?

We’re too far along to fix the elections…well, unless you think they’re already fixed, but that’s a different story.

But with our own goals and plans, tomorrow starts a new month.

We can dust ourselves off and start all over.

I’m starting at the pool.

See you there.


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