What’s in Your Word Processor?


It’s Thursday and you should be writing. Well, I should at least, and I am.

In the last few weeks. I think since the return from our spring break at the beach, I’ve been making more of an effort to write consistently.

As I have for almost nine years, I try to write at least a thousand words a day. The challenge is to not just make this journaling or whining about what life is dealing me, but to turn it into actual, serious writing. I’m not there yet. But each morning my fingers fly across the keyboard to reach that word count.

I’ve also been trying to consistently write here for the blog. Some days the words just flow. Some days I have to make things up because writing consistently is hard.

There’s a new CAT and PIG book in the works. I’ve started it. I have the cover design done. I’m just not happy with the story yet. Traditionally children’s books for the ages for which I write should be about 32 pages. My story, as written originally was almost twice that. So, I had to edit. I’m just not yet comfortable with the edits.

All that to say that the project is, temporarily, stalled.

The current novel is still taunting me. There’s a gap of about three chapters in the middle that I’ve yet to write. Then there will be substantial edits. While I can’t project a date when I’ll be finished, I finally do know what to do with those three missing chapters.

I know, what am I waiting for?

I also have a collection of unfinished short stories, and essays, and blog posts.

All a work in progress.

The experts tell you that writers don’t talk about writing, they just write.

Maybe, but what if my calling is to snark about the writing process?

I think that advice is silly anyway. I learn when other writers share their struggles.

In other words, I’m not the only one who can’t speak in complete sentences.

Writing is hard.

Writing good are harder.


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