Unofficially Summer

I hope you enjoyed your three-day weekend. More than that, I hope you remembered why you had a three-day weekend.

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer. Pools and water parks open (yes, I mentioned that previously). So, of course, we had thunderstorms.

School is winding down and there’s not much teachers will be able to accomplish in the next few days.

Summer doesn’t officially arrive until later in June, but that’s just the calendar.

You’re making your plans for a week at the beach, or in the mountains, or perhaps for just staying at home, refusing to go anywhere.

It’s about finding the much-needed time to recharge.

Face it, we all need a break. The campaign season is well upon us, but post Labor Day, it’s going to get ugly… or uglier.

I’m not playing in those reindeer games. I’m not even sure how I plan to vote. I know who I won’t be voting for and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I used the weekend to get some stuff done. For undisclosed reasons, I will no longer be working at the amusement park this summer. Not bad reasons, just sort of a disharmonic convergence.

Friday I moved the college boy home. I’ve been working on his laundry. With any luck, I’ll have it all done before he has to move back on campus in September.

Yesterday, I packed away the rest of the Christmas stuff. Don’t judge me.

We left Christmas up for the same son’s return from Japan in early February.

I managed to get things out into the garage but not officially packed away. Until yesterday.

It took me about an hour. Any longer and I was just about to call those 800-We’ll-take-your-junk numbers and just wipe the slate clean.

It’s a true story that our main tree is still up. Again. Don’t judge me.

At this point we’re close to the date that I’d be putting everything back up than we are to the end of the Christmas season.

Speaking of which, Santa Mike is available for your Christmas in July events.


It’s my favorite season. I love the sun. I love the heat.

Heck, sometimes I even love the thrill of a good thunderstorm.

Or, as I read recently about a mom comforting her terrified three-year-old “thunder is just the clouds farting.”

Makes more sense than the devil beating his wife.

I digress.

Summer used to be the time we’d get to take a break from school and spend our lazy days at the pool, or the beach, or the river.

I’ll be doing some of that this summer. But, I’ll also still be working the day job.

It’s just that this time when Labor Day arrives and summer is unofficially over, the day job will be as well.

And then it will be time to bring back out the Christmas decorations.

Anybody have that phone number?


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