Recaffeinated Mondays: Fresh Start

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“To paraphrase Oedipus, Hamlet, Lear, and all those guys,
“I wish I had known this some time ago.” – Sign of the Unicorn.  

American author and poet Roger Zelazny was born on this day in 1937 (died 1995).

I’ve read Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber, all ten of them.  Took me a couple of tries and then a good bit of time.  

It’s an accomplishment.  Like reading Les Miserables (I have) or the Count of Monte Cristo (which I also have).  Both of those also took some time.

I’m currently reading American Prometheus about the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer.  Another long read.

It seems like I don’t have time anymore to sit down just to enjoy a good book.

Much less write one.

But, thanks to Audible, and some shorter books, I’m five books ahead of my reading challenge on Goodreads.

I digress.

There are phone calls and emails and hungry animals and overgrown yards.

Well, you get idea.

Reality is that I need to make time to read.  

I’m trying, and I do listen to audio books when driving.

But just like anything else, if it’s important, we’ll find the time to do it.

And just like you, I don’t get to everything.

I have transferred my to-do list onto a series of index cards.  I review them each morning. In some ways it’s helping because it allows me to prioritize.

So far it’s working.  The pressing items move toward the front, the ones I want to do eventually get moved to the back.  And somewhere inbetween I places the ones that are necessary if not urgent.

For now, it’s a system that’s working.  

That’s pretty much what it’s all about, right?  Finding a plan or a system that works for us?

In full disclosure, I’m also moving some cards to the back in the “maybe I don’t need to do this” category.

It’s Monday. We can make a fresh start again today.

I’d say that’s a priority.


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