Recaffeinated Mondays: This Post Needs a Title

Angel's Rest Pearisburg Virginia

Angel’s Rest Mountain, Pearisburg, Virginia

“Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you.”
– Thornton Wilder, Our Town

American novelist and playwright, Thornton Wilder, was born on this day in 1897 (died 1975).

Thanks to the extended deadline, I got our taxes filed yesterday.

On a side note, I have listed both kidneys for sale on eBay.

Look, we have to agree with this basic premise:

The government takes too much. The government spends to much.

If we can’t agree on that as a starting point, we’re all going to be paying too much while continuing to be disappointed in our government.

Oh…well then…

I don’t know about you but I accomplished quite a bit over the weekend.

No, I didn’t get through my full to-do list (ask the neighbors about the yard), but I accomplished quite a few things.

Including the annual filing of the extortion payments…I mean taxes.

At least they’re done for this year.

While the actual date was yesterday, I cannot move past April 16 without remembering that horrible day on the Virginia Tech campus in 2007. I still recall my son and his friends anxiously waiting to hear that their friends were okay. It was an awful day.

I don’t have the solution to this and other senseless acts of violence. I just know that it’s not arguing about it on social media.

Just FYI, I won’t be here Tuesday and Wednesday. I need to make a quick trip to Georgia for a family funeral. It’s the right thing to do.

Like I said Friday.

Cherish the moments. Cherish the people.

I’ll see you Thursday.


Parents Just Relieved Teen Who Came Home Drunk Wasn’t Drinking Bud Light
The Babylon Bee
NEW BRITAIN, PA — Local parents Tim and Julia Yoder were understandably upset when their 17-year-old daughter Carlie came home drunk last weekend. However, their anger quickly turned to relief upon learning that Carlie had not, in fact, been consuming Bud Light.



One of my weekend projects was adding two sets of printable digital images to my ETSY shop. More to come.

Rehearsals continue for:

June 22 – July 14, 2023

Firehouse Theatre

KD Kitties

And of course, many of you have already ordered, but you can order and share with friends.  More adventures of CAT and PIG are on the way.  Stay tuned.

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So they again called the man who was blind, and said to him, “Give God the glory!
We know that this Man is a sinner.”

He answered and said, “Whether He is a sinner or not I do not know.
One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.”

John 9:24-25

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