Short Story Friday Remix

Image: Freddy Castro via Unsplash

I believe in me. I’m a little screwed up, but I’m beautiful.

American actor, Steve McQueen was born on this day in 1930 (died 1980),

Once again we’ve made it to Friday.

I continue on my work-slash-home visit tour and I’ll be back on Monday.

But, not to leave you hanging, so to speak, I’m linking back to some of my favorite Short Story Friday posts.

There’s still a book in here somewhere, but for now…enjoy.

Have a good weekend. See you on Monday.

Designing Women
April 14, 2018
When they were gone Gary tossed the draft posters into the fireplace. He’d enjoy them watching them burn tonight with a couple of beers.

The Visitor
April 27, 2018
Inside the small sanctuary Edgar caught the scent of the Easter lilies placed on the altar by the women’s missionary group. The sun shining through the stained glass window of The Good Shepherd cast playful rainbow hues over the white blossoms.

Short Story Friday: Chapter One
May 4, 2018
In which we show some vulnerability and post the first chapter of our novel.

In the Shadow of the Mountain
January 15, 2022
Clara shuffles to the porch where the mountain spring runs through a gutter into an earthen crock. The clear, icy water spills over the edge of the crock off the porch onto the un-weeded wildflowers below.

January 21, 2022
The fire is warm, but Martha feels the chill in her body. She huddles near the stove under a quilt hand sewn by her mother.

They’ll Be There
February 25, 2022
One day, the teacher said to the class, “I am going to read a different book to you today.”

Settled Long Ago
March 18, 2022
One spring Sunday morning Frank and Gladys drove the Buick up the mountain to where their little church sat proudly on the hill.

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