Endings and Beginnings

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning.

American novelist and short story writer, Louis L’Amour was born on this day in 1908 (died 1988).

I’ve never read anything by Louis L’Amour.

And, just like that, I’ve decided to take at least one L’Amour book to the beach when we’re there for Spring Break the first week of April.

What? I’ve not mentioned that we’re going to the beach in April? Heaven knows I’ve told everyone else.

I’m telling you now in case you need to stockpile your daily dose of brilliance because, I’ll post pictures and you can follow me on Instagram, I’m not blogging from the beach.

We used to spend a week at the beach in July or August. But we’ve found we can get a nicer house, with an actual ocean view, if we go for winter rates before the season changes. We did that last year and it was glorious. Cold, but glorious.

I’m the only one who spends time sitting on the beach. I’ve addressed that this year by planning to park my amble backside in the water park.

Plus I’ve got two, probably three, more significant trips coming up in 2023. More as we’re closer. But you knew that.

Then we’re right into Spooky/Turkey/Santa season and it’s 2024.

Fast away and all that.

While it’s not a trip for fun, I’m heading out of town this afternoon for work. There will be some pleasurable moments because I get to spend tonight in a cabin with a fireplace and there’s a hike tomorrow.

Then I’m heading back to my hometown for a couple of days. Always good to get there.

Not to worry. I’ve got posts planned for Thursday and Friday.

I’ll be back in full snark mode on Monday.


Youngkin wants to bring back the Readjusters. Good for him.
Dwayne Yancey in Cardinal News
Virginia’s proposed new history standards are contoversial but here’s something that’s been overlooked: For the first time, there’ll be discussion of the 19th century bi-racial Readjuster Party.

Air Force One Now Equipped With Handicap Parking Pass
The Babylon Bee
Press members in attendance also noted that the plane taxied off the runway before stopping in a handicap space in the parking lot. President Biden eventually exited the plane via a hydraulic lift rather than the traditional staircase.

10 Tips For Writers From Douglas Adams
Writers Write




English composer and director, Andrew Lloyd Webber, was born on this day in 1948.

I’ve been in one Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, just over ten years ago I was in a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. But it was Sir Andrew’s collaboration with Tim Rice for Jesus Christ Superstar that began my real love and appreciation for musical theater.

Directing JCS is still on my bucket list.

After all, any dream will do.

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