Monday. Same song, next verse


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Although if the plan that I implemented this morning (this post was written by faith on Sunday evening) is effective, there will be fewer Oreos in my life.

Not zero. Fewer.

It’s Monday and it looks like Spring is here, although there are rumblings amongst the weather elites that we’re not quite done with winter.

Back to the plan. It involves some Sunday evening prep, so here are few things to consider for today.

We’ll see you tomorrow.

The 29th Screen Actors Guild Awards were presented on February 26, 2023. I didn’t watch, but that’s not the point. A friend posted the In Memoriam segment. It tugs at the heart strings to realize we lost so many greats in the last year.

#gnomesfortheholidays Thirteen of One Hundred

On a lighter note, I’m continuing with The 100 Day Project. Although ideas for differently attired gnomes are getting harder to create.

From the mouth of babes:

8-Year-Old Going To Bed Asks For A Glass Of Water And Also How God Is Still Good When Terrible Things Happen In The World
The Babylon Bee

Not so Presidential…

‘How dare you’: Mother of two sons who died from fentanyl demands Biden apologize for laughing about her story
‘Don’t be a coward. Do something,’ Kiessling said in a response to President Biden

In other news because, yes, I am counting, we are 42 weeks away from Christmas.

Sure you have plenty of shopping time left. But those of us who are Christmas performers have about ten fewer weeks.





Finally, today is also National Dentists’ Day.

Here’s a clip of my childhood dentist and the reason I have decades work of deteriorating dental work.


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