Five or so for Friday: March 3, 2023

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Hail Friday! Blessed art thou among weekdays.

No disrespect intended. But honestly, a full five-day week after a four-day week can be challenging, and we’ve got to make it to Memorial Day for the next day off.

Except for our week at the beach in April. Have I mentioned that we’re going to the beach in April?

Last year we traded our traditional summer week for spring break. Chilly? Yes, it can be. But we’re able to get a much better deal on a house. I mean, if you can sit in your living room and watch the ocean, do you really need to go outside that much?

Plus, I’m going to get all the sun I need at the water park this summer. Not to mention my Old Man Bucket List Road Trip ™ to the Grand Canyon.

I apparently need some more time off because yesterday I sat through half a Zoom meeting with hundreds of people before I realized my name was showing as “Santa Claus.”

I mean, it’s not wrong, but…

Enough of that. Here are some things to look at before you hit your weekend.

See you on Monday.

Well darn…

“The “if I had time” lie is a convenient way to ignore the fact that novels require being written and that writing happens a sentence at a time. Sentences can happen in a moment. Enough stolen moments, enough stolen sentences, and a novel is born — without the luxury of time.”

Author Julia Cameron in The Right to Write


Lori Lightfoot Blames Election Loss On ‘Tricksy Hobbitses’
The Babylon Bee
“They stole it from us!!” wailed Ms. Lightfoot. “Nasty, tricksy little hobbitses!!”

Youngkin’s Popularity

Youngkin’s approval rating up by 5 points, new Roanoke College poll finds
Cardinal News
The poll says 57% of Virginians approve of the job he’s doing, his highest ranking ever in the survey.

Born on this Day

That’s the responsibility of all actors: to keep your character as vibrant as possible. I just live my life and I like my characters to live that life, too. At least Scotty, anyway, because Scotty is the closest to Jimmy Doohan that I’ve ever done.

1920 – James Doohan, Canadian-American actor and soldier, James Doohan, Scotty from Star Trek TOS, was born on this day in 1920 (died 2005)


On this day in 1931, The United States adopted The Star-Spangled Banner as the national anthem.

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