Recovering and Recalculating

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I’m a little late posting today.

It’s Friday and I’m focusing on one of my three words: Recovery.

As I noted Tuesday, we moved our oldest back to Atlanta this week. As I may or may not have noted, I am much older and more out of shape than the last time I did such a move.

So, today I’m recovering from that and figuring out the next move. Or maybe figuring out if I can still move.

The house seems emptier this morning. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we weren’t able to get all of his stuff into the van. That’s going to take another trip in August.

But when the remnants of Last Summer’s Great Unpleasantness™ woke me around 4:00 this morning, I realized that his dog Nola wouldn’t be joining me soon. Allow me to explain.

He came home just before the worst of the pandemic in 2019. We’ll call that Providence. Since then, he’s been working toward the return and was able this month to transfer to a new store where he starts on Monday. At the same time, his former roommates found a new house with a room for him.

Back to Nola. On those mornings when he had to be at the store by 4:30, his dog would join me in bed until time for me to get up. She learned that Grampy got up a lot during the night, but he wasn’t going downstairs until he put his shoes on.

So, it was a little quieter this morning. I’ll get used to it, even though I’m not sure I want to.

Like I said, today is a day of recovery. I don’t bounce back from these trips like I used to.

I’ll be spending most of the day here in my office where I’ll also be reassessing, reevaluating, and recalculating all the things on my plate.

Some of those things don’t seem so important this morning.

I think you can figure out why.

On a side note, I used a free trial of Audible to listen to Mel Brooks’ All About Me – My Remarkable Life in Show Business read by Brooks himself. It’s a great story, worth a read or a listen.

And, while you’re over at Amazon, don’t forget to order, and review my book: Cat and Pig: A Story of Friendship.

Have a good weekend. Come see me at the park.

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Never Apologize For Loving America
Shaun Kenney at The Republican Standard
Virginia’s gift to the world — imperfect as it began — is worth cultivating and defending, ladies and gentlemen, worth reading and learning about, worth teaching to our children, worth memorializing in statues and battlefields, and worth improving upon.  Read More.

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Daily Caller
Only 10% of registered voters support the Democratic Party’s position on abortion access up to 9 months of pregnancy, according to the Harvard CAPS Harris Poll released Friday. The poll surveyed 1,308 registered voters from June 28-29.  Read More.

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Peace be to the brothers, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with love incorruptible.

Ephesians 6:23-24

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