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I almost did it. Almost.

I mean, I was perfect for the part.

When you’re a natural to wear the red suit, acting opportunities asking for someone who is “heavy, with white hair and a beard” just don’t come along that often.

I thought about it briefly…I mean…if I move this, and shorten that, and don’t do this…I can fit it in.

Can. Not should.

It was the second casting call in as many days that I have rejected.

I’m not being prima donna.

A little more than two years ago…or depending on how you measure it, fifteen days…I would have jumped at every acting audition, whether I thought I was right for the part or not.

And the truth is, I was working a lot. Until COVID.

But this isn’t about my acting, or not acting. Or directing, or not directing.

It’s about being distracted from the projects at hand.

I wrote last week about Decisions, and how I’m limiting my projects.

Granted, whilst I was working in the yard yesterday I told myself that, if only I could retire, I’d have time to do

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everything I want to do.

NARRATOR: We all know that’s not true.

As tempting as both casting calls were, and one was decidedly more tempting than the other (well, because that one paid), the timing just isn’t right.

I’m not ready to say my time as an actor or director is over. What is over, however, is the rushing from project to project and always thinking “I wish I had time for that.”

That said if you’re casting for my Dream Roles, I could probably make some time.


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1758 – James Monroe, American soldier, lawyer, and politician, 5th President of the United States (d. 1831)
1926 – Harper Lee, American novelist (d. 2016)
1930 – Carolyn Jones, American actress (d. 1983)
1941 – Ann-Margret, Swedish-American actress, singer, and dancer
1948 – Terry Pratchett, English journalist, author, and screenwriter (d. 2015)
1950 – Jay Leno, American comedian, talk show host, and producer
1952 – Mary McDonnell, American actress


The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God,
and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.

2 Corinthians 13:14

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