Short Story Friday: What Fools these Mortals Be

April Fools!

There is no short story.

Not trying to be snarky here. There was actually a story written.

It’s pretty much garbage.

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As Hemingway said:

The first draft of anything is shit.

Sorry about the language. Ernest didn’t hold back.

I have set my own deadline, my own goal to produce a short story every week and post it here. It’s all part of an ongoing project to write thirty-one stories about growing up in Southwest Virginia. Yeah, that’s a hint.

Seems easy enough, right?

Thirty-one weeks. Thirty-one stories.

A piece of cake if I had nothing else to do.

I’m not whining.

I am allowing myself some grace.

Grace enough to say I can change my mind. Grace enough to say I can’t meet all the deadlines.

I’ll get these done. Maybe not in thirty-one weeks…I am a little more than a third of the way there.

But I will get them done.

Just not today.

As I’ve mentioned earlier this week, we head to the Outer Banks tomorrow. They offspring will stay home to care for the livestock.

I won’t leave you empty handed. Check back Monday, there will be a post. You might even like it.

Grace to you.


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1873 – Sergei Rachmaninoff, Russian pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1943)
1883 – Lon Chaney, American actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 1930)
1901 – Whittaker Chambers, American journalist and spy (d. 1961)
1929 – Jane Powell, American actress, singer, and dancer (d. 2021)
1939 – Ali MacGraw, American model and actress
1950 – Samuel Alito, American lawyer and jurist, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States




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