The Sixth Day of Christmas

Six Geese A-Laying.

Six eggs.  Six days of creation.

Geese are messy and so, I presume, is the act of creation.

I know was a self-identified artist I can make a pretty big mess sometimes.  Often with questionable results.

Whether they were six actual days, or six-thousdand days, God created the universe, our earth, and yes, us, in the span of six days.

Personally, I can’t look at a sunrise or sunset, or so many other things and not see the hand of the creator.

I think it’s more than a bit silly to just believe if sort of poofed into existence over billions of years.

There’s nothing random about God’s creation.

Our source for this version: The Surprising Meaning Behind “The 12 Days of Christmas” Lyrics

I’ll be posting a different version of the song each day for the next twelve days. No need to thank me.



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