The Fifth Day of Christmas

Five. Golden. Rings.

You sang that, didn’t you?

The five golden rings remind us of the first five books of the Old Testament, also known as the Pentateuch or the Torah.

The first five books chronologically cover more time than the remainder of the Scripture combined. They cover the creation of the world, the enslavement and deliverance of the people of Israel, and the foundation for the law. As such, they are the foundation for the rest of Scripture.

In these books we find the origin of mankind and our fall from grace. But we also find the beginnings of God’s redemptive plan, fulfilled in the coming of His son, Jesus.

That’s some very precious gold indeed.

Our source for this version: The Surprising Meaning Behind “The 12 Days of Christmas” Lyrics

I’ll be posting a different version of the song each day for the next twelve days. No need to thank me.

Photo by Taylor Wilcox on Unsplash


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