The Word – Advent Day 2

Today we focus on The Word.

John tells us that Jesus is the Word through which all things were created. The Father, Son, and Spirit are one. The son came as the Messiah to redeem us from our sin.

Jesus was the personification of the written and spoken Word.

His written message to us comes to us through the scriptures.

I know that I need to spend more time with the written Word of God. This past year, I’ve been reading through the New Testament and the Psalms. I’ll start over, most likely with the whole book, on January 1. I’m debating the version to read through. I find that different versions lead to deeper understanding.

More importantly, I find that every time I read through I see things I had missed, or forgotten.

The Word has always been with us.

On a night long ago, The Word came to us as a baby in a manger.

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

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