ABCs of Thanksgiving – Z is for Zoom

Don’t get me wrong. I like zebras also.

But Zoom, or varitions thereof, have allowed us to remain connected over the past forty-seven years of our house arrest.

It took us all some time to learn it.

Let’s be honest, not everybody learned how to use it correctly.


Sorry, was I shouting?

Through online meetings, we kept in touch with work, with friends, with family, and even with the theater.

Somewhere around March of last year I began meeting with other Santas online. Those meetings continue and we’ve learned much from each other.

I also worked through a different platform to do virtual Santa visits last year. While I”m not doing that again (since I’m back at the amusement park), I was blessed to be able to do so last year. And I may again some day.

I suspect by the first of the year I’ll be doing a lot less online and will likely be back in the downtown office. And that’s okay.

But I’m thankful for Zoom and the technology that got us through these last two years.

We’re at the end of the alphabet and I have to get creative with the rest of the month before I start my Advent posts on Wednesday.

Like I said yesterday, thanks for reading along.

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