Friday Rambles

I had a work meeting yesterday.

It was very people-y.

After forty-seven years of house arrest, I’d almost forgotten how much in-person work meetings absolutely exhaust me.

Not to mention having to wear pants.

But it’s Friday and we’re nearing the end of September.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite sure where the month has gone.

Well, that’s not quite true. It’s just that circumstances have made me busier than anticipated and I’ve not made all the progress I told my self I was going to.

And that’s okay. Because the important thing is that I haven’t stopped. And I don’t intend to.

The summer’s unpleasantness slowed me down. Truth be told that factored into how much yesterday’s meeting drained me.

It’s also true that I get a little weary looking out at the leaves that are already starting to fall…before they’ve turned.

I’m warning you oaks. I expect some color before you blanket my lawn with your mess.

I’m sure this post seems a little rambly.

I actually had another post written, but it just wasn’t right for today. If any day.

Still, I’m committed to posting here every day, so this is what you’re getting.

It’s a work in progress. Like my yard.

Maybe this isn’t my best work. My yard certainly isn’t.

That’s not going to stop me.

Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend.

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