Advent 2020: Round and Round

We are on day 261 of 15 days to slow the spread.

While the wreath may have Roman origins, it’s come to be recognized as one of our Christmas symbols.

I stood in line at Trader Joe’s the day before Thanksgiving to get the one hanging on our front door.

Wreaths are important. Remember that one of the things that sent George Bailey over the edge was when she asked him about the Merry Christmas wreath. He’d left it at the store.

Many church traditions have Advent wreaths and light a new candle each Sunday during Advent. In this tradition, the wreath reminds of the gift of eternal life.

I’m not sure I’ve ever understood the concept of eternal.

I think it may be like our 47 years of house arrest, only with better feels.

Speaking of round things, I need to get around to some shopping.

After all, Christmas is two weeks from tomorrow.

Hold on, I’ll be right back after my panic attack.

Not really, I mean we’ve been decorated for Christmas since before Thanksgiving. I just need to spend a little more time and money on Amazon.

And I need to brave Target and Walmart once.


I’ve been doing some shopping online.

I can tell the following story because I know that the offspring never read my blog.

Patted myself on the back a little while earlier as I ordered a particular piece of equipment one of the offspring had requested. I picked what I thought was the best model.

True story: I’d barely received the email confirmation when he came to me and said “can I send you the exact model that I need?”


Always keep the receipt.

Christmas will feel different this year. More subdued. Quieter.

We’ve got a few events to go to.

Outside. Socially distanced events.

So, back off, Karen.

Also speaking of round, we need to replace the tree skirt that one of the dogs has been eating.

True story: We’ve already replaced the couch.

Thanks to a friend who was redecorating we have a new used couch and chair. We’ll buy new ones when the animals cross the rainbow bridge. I’m not being cold, they’ve all got plenty of time left.

I’m just saying we can’t have nice new things while they’re still here.

But, I do have a nice wreath on the door.

Thankfully, they can’t reach it.


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