Shorter Days

We are on day 182 of 15 days to slow the spread.

I don’t like it. It was dark when I got up.

So dark, in fact, that the dog had a hard time reading the newspaper, if you get my drift.

I’ve been trying to get up earlier. I actually started the habit at the beach. I did tell you we went to the beach, right? I’d get up around 5:00, read in The Daily Bible, write my daily thousand-plus words and head to the beach to watch the sunrise.

This morning, I got up, took care of the normal things, took both dogs out, fed the cat, and headed to the gym before 6:30.

It was still dark when I left the house.

Sure, like I noted yesterday, it’s the changing of the seasons. The days are getting shorter.

Well, the hours of daylight are getting shorter. We still have the same 24-hour day to get things done.

And don’t get me started on Daylight-we’re-not-saving-anything-so-why-can’t-you-morons-get-off-your-fannies-and-end-this-nonsense time.

Sorry, was that my outside voice?

As you might have guessed, I have a routine of things I like to accomplish before my work day begins.

I’ve been swimming at the gym. Let’s not talk about the fact that I need to get back to the treadmill and the weights.

But the timing is tricky.

Before we were all put under house arrest my gym was 24-hours, except on weekends. So, I’d often go after meetings, or after rehearsals.

I’m trying to get to the pool when it’s not crowded. Now that outdoor pools are closing and people are sort of on a school routine, that’s getting more difficult.

I have to time my exercise around the sisters from Our Lady of the Chlorine.

Let’s just say that I have a lot of time to think in the pool and let’s just say that there are several women who

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come and have very specific routines, equipment, patterns, and let’s just say I might be snarking my way to a short story, or even a novel.

Let’s just say that and move on.

I get my story ideas from weird places.

And, if you read my post the other day, even if I knew where that notebook was, I wouldn’t have had it in the pool.

I’m writing this feeling just a tad stressed over things I have to do. And I don’t like that.

Actually, what I don’t like is that people and circumstances are interfering with my planned schedule.

Needless to say, Publishers Clearing House again disappointed. So, I’m keeping the day job.

Let’s just say that people have had six months of quarantine to get their projects done and now it’s a crisis and they apparently can’t manage without me.

While I’m glad to be appreciated, I also have stuff to do.

I think that’s why it bothers me that we’re losing our daylight.

Not that I was out doing yardwork until 9:00 p.m.

But I could have been.

Is it spring yet?

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