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We are on day 150 of 15 days to slow the spread.

I’m not sure why, but yesterday, either while I was in the pool or mowing the yard, I remembered one of my earlier Nanowrimo attempts. I’m pretty sure that it was the one on the flash drive that I lost.

I attempted to write a space opera set near the Locks of Bahg ‘el.

You can already see that this is going downhill quickly.

The main character was one Verlabeana Frapplestein who ran a dinner where all of the space truckers would eat. The specialty was the pork chops.

I remember one line.

Mug Shots
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“The men loved Verlabeana, but they loved her pork chops more.”

And there, in that one sentence, you have the reason I don’t write Science Fiction.

If you can believe what you read on the Innertubz, Mark Twain said “write what you know.”

I don’t have first-hand knowledge of a galactic diner, but I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a fantasy and sci-fi geek. Although, I’m not necessarily a fanatic.

So, you think I’d be better at writing it.

I am not.

If you had to describe my writing, it would probably fall in the categories of historical fiction and schmaltz.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I’ve got a stack of beach reading ready to go (ten days, if you’re counting, and I am).

There’s some science fiction in my stack of books. For one thing, I have a copy of Dune that I bought in high school but never finished reading.

I know, some sci-fi fan, huh?

There’s a prequel out to The Hunger Games, but I’m too cheap to buy it in hard cover.

Besides, if I want dystopia, I’ll watch the evening news.

True story: I can’t remember the last time I watched the evening news. It has to have been when I was visiting my parents and my stepfather had MSNBC on all the time. But he passed in 2016, so it’s been at least that long.

I have not suffered.

I get enough of the news online and from the talk radio playing in the background. Pretty much after the local morning show, I have to shut that off as well.

I turn to sci-fi and fantasy, and our upcoming trip to the beach because life is stressful enough for all of us right now.

When and how to re-open theater remains a moving target. We’re on the third or fourth plan.

Figuring out the virtual Santa season is a challenge as I try to figure out if I have the right equipment. I currently do not.

I’ve had things heat up with new projects on the day job. Fortunately, in space, no one can see your eyes roll.

We’ve all got things that are causing us stress. Your list is going to vary, but it’s just as valid as mine.

I look forward to the day when I can escape into a book because the news is boring, not frightening.

A day when we can gather again in a coffee shop or a restaurant to discuss our favorite distractions.

I hope they’ll have pork chops.


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