The move that didn’t happen

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I posted. Truth is, my latest show opened and closed during that time. Plus, if you’ve been reading my infrequent posts, you know that I’ve been “processing” my time and investments on the Interwebz.

In other words, do I need to be paying for this blog as well as my main writing website?

Turns out that, for now anyway, the answer is yes.

I contemplated, and started the process, of moving this blog over to MichaelRFletcherVA, where I have my writing and graphic design portfolio. Along the way, I determined that wasn’t the right move, so to speak.

Following up on my personal promise to not make decisions during tech week, I put off a final decision about this blog.

For now, it’s staying right where it is. I’ll even start working on better content.

I said start.

Stay tuned.

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