A foot pain, a leg pain, a hip pain, and a back pain walk into a 10K, in a thunderstorm (actually, by my start time, it was just a drizzle).

There’s no punch line.

Saturday was the 20th running (and or walking) of the Ukrops’ Monument Avenue 10K, Against my better

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judgment, I signed up to walk.

I’ve done it before, I think three times. But I didn’t do it in years 2016-2018 because I was either working at the amusement park or recovering from injuries. I might have needed longer than four years to recover.

For over a week I agonized about whether I thought I could actually complete the walk. But, I did it.

I will admit that at the Mile One marker I had an “Oh Jesus, take me now” moment or two. But by Mile Two, I was determined to go on with sheer stubbornness. That’s  how I finished the race.

I knew I wouldn’t beat my previous time. I just wanted to finish in under two hours. I did.

By twenty-two seconds.

Now that I know that I can still do it, next year, I’ll be better prepared.

And you know I’ll tell you all about it.

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