Recaffeinated Mondays: The View at Sixty

No, that’s not MPH.

Those who have been paying attention already know that I hit the big 6-0 this past summer. I believe birthday etiquette would say that you have a few more months to deliver my present.

No wait…that may be weddings. I won’t tell if you don’t.

If you’ve also followed this blog for a while, which of course you should have been doing, you know that occasionally I will stop, assess where I am, and kick off the plans anew.

That’s sort of what I’m doing today with Recaffeinated Mondays.

Here’s the thing. All of the blogging experts will tell that you need to find your niche. Again, if you’ve read here long, you know that I’m sort of all over the place with my blogging topics.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But I recently re-read a book about Freelance Blogging. That’s different than what I’m doing here. That would be venturing out to write for other blogs, and to get paid for it. Because, we’ve also had that discussion.

Again, the guidance is to find your niche.

I don’t really have one. I mean, sure I spent a lot of the last three decades in politics and government, but I’m not going back to writing about that. Plus, whilst I’m still in my government day job, I’ve selected a retirement date. That would be one of the decisions I told you about on Friday.

No, I will not tell you what that date is. When you need to know, you will.

Part of the retirement plan however is to keep working. Keep writing. Keep acting. Keep directing. In truth, part of that decision is a financial need based on projected pension and Social Security…or the winning lottery ticket.

For today, that leads me back to the writing component. I don’t want to write about politics. I’d rather be in theater than write about it. I like to create art, but I’m not well-versed enough to write about it.

So, I had to ask myself: What else do I know?

Then it came to me, so I wrote it down.

I know about turning sixty and what that means. I know what it means to be winding down a professional career. I know what it means to have discovered, and admitted, at age fifty that I’m a writer, not just that I want to be a writer. I know what it is to return to the traditional stage after nearly thirty years away.

I know what it is to feel that I have finally found my calling, so to speak, in those realms.

Some of that I’m still sorting out, and that’s why I’ll be writing about it here. Hopefully, I’ll be writing about it on some other blogs to build that above-mentioned extra income.

Not to worry, Dear Reader, you will still find the same level of brilliance here on these pages. It’s just that the focus may be a little different.

Face it, you’ve been on Facebook, don’t you think my generation could use a little guidance?

There’s a certain symmetry in this. My first real job out of college was working as a social worker in Adult Services. Get your mind out of the gutter. I assisted the elderly with services that helped them stay in their homes. When they got beyond that point, I assisted them with the transition.

I’m hopefully more than a few years away from needing that assistance. I’m not ready to slow down. In fact, I plan to work as long as I can. I’m just adjusting the things at which I’ll be working.

Or something like that.

Don’t get overly excited. Nothing is happening quickly.

I’m sixty, fercryinoutloud, I don’t do anything quickly.

Likewise, don’t ask me where all of this is going. I can’t answer that.

Just stay with me for the journey.

Dinner is at 4:00 p.m.



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