Too Much Information

Okay, I could still read a newspaper like this…

Yesterday, I wrote about #fakenews. If you missed it, go back and read it. It will do you good.

Thing is, I have a hard time sorting through all of the fake news. The real news is overwhelming enough.

When I was writing about politics, I’d either have talk radio or television news on in the background. Yes, I opted for the conservative channels of the day. Get over it.

Now I’m more likely have a Pandora station playing, or Netflix or BroadwayHD streaming in the background (the latter is being tested on a trial basis).

But each morning I try to sort through Facebook, Twitter, and Feedly to gather what I should or shouldn’t be knowing.

We haven’t had newspaper delivery in years, but I can’t imagine the concept of actually having the time to sit down and read through a paper.

It sounds like a luxury I don’t have time for. Reality is, it’s a priority I’m not taking the time for.

The bigger truth is that we’re already being bombarded with too much information.

That’s just the news cycle.

I try to read up on writing and blogging trends and recommendations…without having to buy that program that’s going to write my novel in forty-three seconds and make me a millionaire overnight…for the low price of…today only…$499.

I digress. I also write run-on sentences.

As a theater artist, I also have to keep up on what shows are playing, what shows are relevant, what shows I want to audition for, what shows I want to direct…all while trying to remember what I learned in Play Direction and History of Theatre forty years ago.

Forty. Years. Ago.

I could keep up with all of these trends if not for that pesky day job. But, that day job brings enough of a challenge as I’m charged with knowing and understanding the Freedom of Information Act.

Some of us remember when the newspaper, or the evening news, was our main source of information.

Today, we’re bombarded with information. Everything is out there at the touch of our finger tips. Our phones keep us in constant contact.

So, we have to pick and choose what we consume, if you will.

I have a stack of books, three of which I’m currently reading.

I have a stack of scripts, two of which I’m directing in the next few months…with more on the horizon.

I could go on. But, while I was working on the posts for this week, I realized that, once again, I’ve go to prioritize.

I found myself looking at some free online courses. They’d be fascinating, but…when?

I can’t do it all.

It’s not that I can’t do it because I’ve turned sixty. I never really could do it all.

But, maybe it took me until sixty to understand that.

Each of us has to figure out what is important. What to prioritize. What to spend our time on.

And…do I really have to say it again? What we share on social media.

There’s too much information out there.

Use it wisely.

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